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Go Walk Pedometer 2.0 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Health & Fitness
Price: 0.99$

This brand new application for your iPhone or iPod Touch,  Go Walk Pedometer, will help you to track exactly how many steps you have taken when walking, joggin or even running! This Easy to Use practical application with ultra easy interface is without any settings, so very simple! Install and Use straight away!

Now, Go Walk Pedometer is goes to 2.0 with Record and Reset function.

Go Walk Pedometer with the following function:

• Automatic Record your Steps record
• Reset data
• Daily steps Report
• 3 Levels sensitivity adjust
CONTENT RATING: Low Maturity SIZE: 253260 Bytes RATING:
4.5( 1581.8)

Additional information about Go Walk Pedometer

Languages: EN
Apple AppStore ID: 318058165

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